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Licensing Information

Each restaurant has a unique Old West atmosphere with hand painted western scenes on the walls, Texas style portions, customer friendly employees and quick service. Menus are standard with some variations in choice and price depending on location. Because customers place orders at the counter and pick up their food, orders are ready in less than 10 minutes. Savings created by processing orders this way, allows for larger portions and higher-quality foods at reasonable prices.

Remington Grill Restaurants offer a unique, Western-style, customer-friendly, casual atmosphere. We are looking for owners who will make customer satisfaction and quality top priorities by being actively involved in the daily operations of their restaurant(s).

In 1996, partners David Harris and Rodney Byrd bought the original Remington Grill in Cary at Crossroads Plaza and refined the concept, operations and menu. The company continues to add locations and its goal is to continue to find qualified individuals or partnerships that have a desire to become part of the successful organization of licensed Remington Grill owners.

Mission Statement:

Remington Grill is committed to generating happy, satisfied customers while operating profitable restaurants through quality operations.

A Remington Grill license is one that provides owners with exclusive company operations information, requirements and support. These things help to promote success and profits.

Remington Grill restaurants are placed in locations where it appears a profitable market exists for our concept. All locations require Remington Grill Corporation approval. Care is taken to ensure that new locations do not infringe on the market of an existing store.

In order to be considered, please note that all applications will require a signed Confidentiality Agreement, Disclosure of Financial Information and Business History.

Email remingtongrill1@aol.com for more information.